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Wish Stone 


     The world’s first alarm

                designed to make wish






Product designed based on the theory of best-selling books “Secret” and “The Power of Repetition". It takes as easy as only three steps to setup your wish target, counting numbers, and action ratio 1%.  Wish Stone will help you make your dream come true!  Wish Stone is allowed to make max. 9 wishes at a time, recorded your counting numbers to repeat imagining your dreams and taking actions, and calculated your achieving ratio and action ratio.  Wish Stone is able to encourage you when you are persistently taking action to reach your goals and also will push and remind you by embedded vibrator if no action taken for a long time.





Wish Stone - your intimate partner on the way pursuing your dream 

                                 your personal exclusive alarm for making wish  




The first creative product, which records your dreams and achieving level, in the world

Designed by international well-known Denmark designer, shaping a poetic, water-worn, natural cobble.   

LCD display hidden in black and polished depth body, human oriented, patented, interactive interface.  

Embeded with clock and alarm function, light weight for easy carrying to make wish all the time you like 

Product specification:8.8*5.3*2.8cm
Product weight:70g