Wish Power

Power of Repetition

The thing you feel monotonous and bored is a guarantee of success?!

Repetition is monotonous and nothing to be accomplished?

Please do not think so. You'll have to see how amazing the Power of Repetition.

Obtaining CPA certificate, passing the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test,

increasing bank deposit, getting rid of bad temper...

These things that you think are difficult, how did they get success?

Do you think it is impossible to make all your dreams come true?

No! There is a way here to show you how to make your dreams come true.


The book is written to those who believe《The Secret》but have not fulfilled their dreams yet,

or those who don’t believe《The Secret》


Recommended by

John Hei, Chairman of Dale Carnegie Training Taiwan, R.O.C. & Shanghai, China

Chia-Ying Lee, Academia Sinica Institute of Linguistics PhD in psychology

Jerry Kuo, Atlaspost、 Groupon Taiwan CEO、Photo123 Co-founder

Huang Meiling, MDRT Life Member


Written by HU SHUO YU

                    Hsin Ta Allied Accounting Office Certified Public Accountant

                    Wish Power INC. Co-founder / Wish Stone Inventor